5 Wedding Themes Trending in 2020

By ryan | January 24, 2020 | Weddings,

Got a theme in mind for your wedding but not sure whether it’s still in style or at risk of looking a little dated? Or maybe you’re just certain you don’t want a traditional wedding and are exploring ways to give your big day that extra flare it needs.

In any case, picking the perfect theme can be tough—there are so many to choose from! That’s why we’re taking a look at wedding theme ideas that are hot and trending in 2020, so you can make sure you pick the perfect motif for the best day ever.

Au Natural 

If you’re planning a spring wedding, then a nature-themed wedding might be just the perfect theme for you. A nature theme is great for couples who prefer a scene that’s a little more down to earth while also being effortlessly beautiful. 

To give your wedding a more organic feel, decorate with natural-toned tablecloths, foods like fruits and berries, and of course lots of fresh blooms and greenery. You might also choose to incorporate wood accents, calm music, and dimmed lighting to appear like a sunset.


Be it inspired by the beach, a boat, or any fitting location within a mile of the coast, a nautical wedding theme has become incredibly popular as of late. Many couples love the old-timey charm of sailing, as well as the bright and fresh minimalism of the white and blue color scheme. 

With a nautical theme also comes a trend towards casual beachwear for the wedding, including sleeveless simple gowns for the women, and short-sleeved shirts for the men. Table placings, handkerchiefs, and all the other little details can take on a distinctly maritime theme, from seashells to anchors, making for a charming by-the-sea wedding that your guests are sure to remember.

Musically Inspired

Music and romance have been linked for as long as anyone can remember. There’s plenty of ways to play your favorite tunes at your wedding, whether it’s during your first dance with your new spouse, for your father-daughter dance, or just to set the scene while your guests enjoy mingling.

But a music-themed wedding can go beyond the music itself. You can design centerpieces that incorporate instruments, sheet music, and other musical motifs. You might even choose a custom cake donning music notes. Some of our favorite decor ideas have been table numbers on old vinyl records, a working jukebox, and mix tapes or CDs for party favors.

Around the World

If you have a lust for world travel and all the fantastic sights it has to offer, then a travel-themed wedding can be a great option. As with music, theming your wedding day based on your passion, not just your design preferences, can add a lot more sentimental value to your big day.

A travel theme might include decor such as postcard wedding invites, globe centerpieces, and photos of your own travels. You might even include foods from around the world to really go the extra mile.

Tropical Paradise

Everyone dreams of sunny, gorgeous beaches with umbrella drinks and white sands, so why not base your wedding off of a tropical paradise? Plus, a tropical-themed wedding allows you to include all the perks of a destination wedding without overspending or having to invite only a few guests.

Dressing up your big day with a tropical vibe will likely include decorating with lots of greenery, such as palm fronds, eucalyptus, and lotuses to bring in an exotic flavor. You might add pinks, greens, and reds for a color palette that pops, and it’s a great idea to serve tropical drinks at an open bar to really bring paradise to your guests.

With all these exciting wedding themes trending in 2020, it’s hard to pick just one. But no matter what theme you choose, make sure you have a stylish venue from Marinaj Banquets & Events that fits your backdrop perfectly. After all, this is your special day, and you deserve to have your wedding vision come true!