The Best Time to Book a Graduation Party Venue

Knowing when to plan your celebration can be like a game of Tetris—making sure all the pieces fall into place perfectly for a seamless day. Between final exams, prom, choosing a school, and making future plans, even thinking about throwing a party can get overwhelming.

To avoid any last-minute stress, you should book your venue as early as possible! The last thing you want is for your dream venue to be booked up and details to slip through the cracks due to insufficient planning time. And because it’s a busy time of year (especially on the weekends) for all your friends who are graduating too, you can always throw a week-night party!

Celebrate Your Success In Stunning Venues

  • Catering options – Choose from a variety of delicious menus to delight your guests from Italian Classic to Traditional Latin.

  • Licensed bar – Whether you want an open bar, hosted bar, or cash bar, we got you covered.

  • Custom lighting – Make your celebration unforgettable with custom lighting, effects, and entertainment.

  • Culinary compliments – Snacking is an essential part of any party. Add some delicious treats to your package for a full experience.

Get the Graduation Bash You Deserve with Marinaj

When it comes to celebrating such an important milestone in life, there’s no better way to celebrate than with Marinaj. With spacious venues to choose from, good food, and an experienced team ready to help customize the graduation party of your dreams, let’s start planning your graduation celebration today!

The Marinaj Experience

Combines top of the line technology with timeless ballrooms to recreate the trend-setting inspiration found on Pinterest. If you’re looking for the top venue in the Inland Empire, a location that inspires event trends, outstanding reviews, and elegance without the huge expense – You Found the One.

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