San Bernardino, California is a beautiful place to get married. The scenery is stunning, with rolling hills and tall trees providing a picturesque backdrop for your big day.

What makes San Bernardino so special is its combination of natural beauty and historic charm. The town has been around for centuries, and you can feel the history in the air. Whether you’re getting married in a beautiful outdoor setting or in an intimate indoor venue, San Bernardino is sure to make your wedding day unforgettable. Marinaj has perfect wedding venues near San Bernardino.

Our Wedding Venues

Why Choose Marinaj as Your San Bernardino Wedding Venue

The Culinary Experience

Our classically-trained chefs will create unforgettable dining experiences for you and your guests. Our extensive menu includes options for every palette. Choose from our Marinaj signature dishes, Italian classics, and traditional Latin cuisine. We offer sweet and savory hors d’oeuvres as well as late night snacks. Customize your bar experience with an open bar, a hosted bar, or a cash bar.

Complete Wedding Packages

We have a variety of wedding packages to meet your needs. We offer every service you need for your special day, from the two course dinner and bar service to the professional DJ to the custom lighting. We can handle the decorations, entertainment, and even provide you with an in-house photographer if you like. You can pick out every detail yourself or relax and leave the planning to us.

The Marinaj Experience

Combines top of the line technology with timeless ballrooms to recreate the trend-setting inspiration found on Pinterest. If you’re looking for the top venue in the Inland Empire, a location that inspires event trends, outstanding reviews, and elegance without the huge expense – You Found the One.

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