August 24, 2021

7 Unforgettable Bridal Shower Ideas

Of the many events preceding a wedding, the bridal shower (aka wedding shower) offers you the best chance to spoil the future bride. 

With so many fun and memorable options, preparing the food, planning games, and adorning the venue with decorations can be a daunting task for the host. However, here are some bridal shower tips that will inspire you to have a creative and unforgettable bridal shower!

1. Work Out the Basics First

Who will you be inviting, and what is your budget? You will need to nail all the basics down before picking out the event’s details like decorations, food choice, and activities. 

Chances are your guests have been to plenty of boring bridal showers. You want yours to be an occasion people look forward to attending, including the bride-to-be.

2. Pick the Right Theme

Build a theme based on the interests and preferences of the bride-to-be. She is the lady of honor; seek her input and incorporate her ideas into the venue. 

It’s good to infuse an element of surprise in the decor. Look for ways to keep the decorations sassy, but subtle, so a guest could guess what kind of celebration it is just by looking around, without the theme being overly strong.

teacups on table at a party

3. Choose a Great Location

Whether you prefer hosting the event in a restaurant, a getaway, a trusted venue, or at your home, the destination is only a fuss when it’s hard to find, or has limited parking. 

The ideal destination should have sufficient space for activities, and the number of people on your guest list, as well as the right feel for the decorations you have in mind.

table setting with flower centerpiece

4. Create the Perfect Guest List

It would surprise most, but creating the right guest list is not always that easy. Bachelorette parties (which are often spent with close girl friends) are much different from bridal showers, which are for the women from both sides of the family. 

Consider inviting relatives of the bride who will brighten the occasion, and it’s always great if the bride approves the guest list before sending invitations.

girls blowing confetti

5. Set a Dress Code

People love it when the dress code has a theme to it. Try setting an easy standard for your guests’ dress code. 

You could select a color scheme, or ask your invitees to stick to a certain formality level. Not only can a dress code be fun, but it also makes for great photos. 

Portrait of beautiful young bridesmaids in pink robes and sleep masks holding cupcakes with berries. Attractive bride in white robe with berry cake.

6. Invest in Invitation Cards

People often overlook the importance of invitation cards for their guests, especially on occasions preceding the main event, however, pretty stationery is worth the cost. 

Electronic invitations are also a great way of sending invites for an immediate RSVP. Be sure to clarify what day they need to RSVP by so you can have an estimated number of guests ready for booking the right size venue, and the amount of food to plan for.

7. Select a Great Playlist

Keep your guests entertained with classic love songs, and fun, well-loved background music. Try creating a playlist that includes some of the bride’s favorite songs. 

Consider delegating a person to keep the music at a subtle, yet audible level when certain songs come up that are louder than others. Start creating a good playlist as soon as three weeks before the event, and remember to add tracks that all your guests will love.

Image of dining table with snacks fruits and juice at the party on a pier outdoors

Whenever your bridal shower, be sure and find the right venue for the event size, so everyone feels comfortable attending and can enjoy themselves. Event rentals go quickly for outdoor events, so if you’re holding it outdoors, be sure and check the temperature coming up so you know what kind of rentals to include, and book early!