From Flavors to Frosting: 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Cake

By ryan | March 30, 2020 | Weddings,

Getting the perfect wedding cake may seem like a lofty goal, but that’s not always the case! Experienced cake designers can help you achieve these dreams, as long as you’ve considered a few factors that may affect the design, flavors, and size of your cake. 

Custom wedding cake designer Krystal from Kito’s Cakes shared her top 7 tips and ideas for making sure you get the perfect cake:

1. Having your guest count and cake design ready can help determine your budget.

Cakes are usually priced by the slice; however, the design plays a major factor too. You should have an estimated guest count before you decide on a cake size or design so that you can accurately determine how much cake you’ll really need. It can be good to overestimate, as too much cake may be preferable to running out of it. 

On the contrary, a great tip to cut costs if needed is to lower your cake-servings, especially if you are serving other desserts. Even if you have enough slices of cake for everyone, not everyone eats cake. 

2. Schedule your tasting appointment with confidence.

Have your estimated guest count and your design selected before your tasting to ensure you don’t waste your precious planning time on a cake that is over budget or a baker that is not able to do the design you want. 

It should go without saying that going in for a tasting with your pastry chef is an absolute must before ordering a wedding cake; however, make sure the baker is aware that your desired cake design is possible and can fit within your budget. For example, Kito’s Cakes can provide quotes before scheduling your tasting. 

3. Having an outdoor wedding? Reconsider your frosting options.

Hot climates can cause most frostings to melt, such as buttercream. If you’re having an outdoor wedding in hot weather, ask your chef about other options, such as fondant. If you’re not a fan of fondant, consider a shady spot for your cake and desserts. 

4. Funky flavors can have pros and cons.

You should choose the flavors you like best—it’s your wedding, after all, and your cake flavor should reflect your preferences. However, if you’re concerned your guests won’t enjoy the flavors you’ve picked, steer away from uncommon flavors or over-boozy ones. It might be a turn-off for some guests. 

Most bakers will usually have a “top seller” or “famously known for” flavors, so make sure to ask about those during your tasting.

5. Order a cake AFTER you’ve solidified your wedding style.

Your cake is part of your wedding decor, so if it doesn’t match the aesthetic, it could look out of place. Establish your wedding style, decorations, and flowers before ordering a cake, ensuring that the colors and design of your cake fit nicely wherever it’s displayed.

However, you shouldn’t wait too long to order a cake. It takes time to get your cake just right, so if you want your chef to be able to accommodate all your wedding cake ideas, don’t wait until the last minute.

6. Consider where your cake will be displayed.

Knowing where you want your cake displayed can help you make smart choices about the design, fit, and display of your cake. Choose a table that fits the size of the cake or a larger table (preferably a rectangle) if your cake table will also have other desserts displayed together. 

Choose a fabric color for the table cloth that will contrast your cake and make it pop! If your cake will be in front of a backdrop, make sure the height of the cake plus the cake stand doesn’t interfere with lettering or props.

7. Think about your cake accessories.

The cake board is what is going to sit on top of your cake stand, not the cake. So make sure to ask your baker how big the cake board is before you purchase the stand. Kudos to Kito’s Cakes—they provide complimentary cake stands for all hosts booked at Marinaj Banquets & Events’ venues.

It’s also important to consider what your cake topper will look like on top of the cake you choose. Do you want flowers on top of your cake? A traditional bride and groom? Nothing at all? Cake toppers can range in price, so before you invest in one, check with your baker for the dimensions to make sure it fits properly and proportionally. 

If you’re considering flowers as a topper, order extra flowers from your florist, that way the flowers will match and tie into your wedding decor and color scheme. Kito’s Cakes will be more than happy to arrange them on the cake for you—they want to help you achieve perfection and make sure everything matches!

As you use this guide to help you pick a wedding cake, you can make sure you wow your guests on your big day—and satisfy their sweet tooth! To learn more about getting a custom cake through Marinaj Banquets & Events, contact us today.