July 10, 2024

25 Grand Entrance Wedding Songs for Your Reception

After your ceremony, your grand entrance into the reception is the first moment you and your partner will be introduced as a married couple. It’s an exciting and special moment that sets the tone for the rest of your wedding reception. The perfect grand entrance wedding song should reflect your personality and create a fun and exciting atmosphere for you and your guests!

To help you find the right song, we’ve curated a list of 25 grand entrance songs that will make your reception unforgettable.

1. Crazy In Love—Beyoncé, JAY-Z

Let’s start with a classic: “Crazy In Love” is the perfect upbeat and energetic song for your grand entrance. Beyoncé’s powerhouse vocals will have everyone on their feet cheering in no time!

2. Beautiful Day—U2

If you’re looking for an upbeat song to start your reception, this classic tune by U2 is the perfect choice. It celebrates the beauty of the moment and reminds us to make the most of every day.

3. I Ain’t Worried—OneRepublic

You might recognize this song from the hit movie Top Gun: Maverick. It makes for a fantastic grand entrance wedding song—the lyrics are about living life to the fullest!

4. Blinding Lights—The Weeknd

This catchy and upbeat song by The Weeknd will have everyone dancing as you make your grand entrance. Its retro-inspired sound is perfect for a fun and energetic reception.

5. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)—Stevie Wonder

This timeless hit by Stevie Wonder is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face as you enter your reception. Its upbeat and soulful sound is perfect for a joyful celebration.

6. As It Was—Harry Styles

For a romantic and sentimental grand entrance, consider this heartfelt ballad by Harry Styles. The lyrics will perfectly capture the love and happiness you’re feeling.

7. Marry You—Bruno Mars

This fun, romantic song by Bruno Mars is a popular choice for wedding grand entrances. Its catchy chorus and sweet lyrics make it a perfect choice for some excitement!

8. Levitating—Dua Lipa

For a modern and upbeat entrance song, consider this hit by Dua Lipa. Its catchy beat and positive lyrics will get your guests dancing and set the tone for a lively reception.

9. This Love (Taylor’s Version)—Taylor Swift

That’s right, we see all you Swifties out there! Taylor Swift’s re-recorded version of her hit song “This Love” from her album 1989 is a beautiful choice for your grand entrance wedding song.

10. Kiss Me More—Doja Cat, SZA

If you want to make a statement, this hit by Doja Cat and SZA will definitely do the trick. The catchy beat and confident lyrics make it a fun and fierce choice!

11. GDFR—Flo Rida, Sage The Gemini, Lookas

If you really want to hype up your entrance, this high-energy song and infectious beat will have everyone ready to party!

12. All I Do Is Win—DJ Khaled, T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg

This hit song by DJ Khaled is all about celebrating success and winning—and what better way to start off your reception as newlyweds? After all, you’ve just won at love!

13. Valerie—Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse

This soulful hit by Mark Ronson and the late Amy Winehouse is a romantic and timeless choice—its retro-inspired sound will have everyone tapping their feet to the beat.

14. Stolen Dance—Milky Chance

For a unique and unexpected song choice, consider this indie hit by Milky Chance. Its folksy sound makes it a fun and playful option for your grand entrance wedding song.

15. This Girl—Kungs, Cookin’ On 3 Burners

This catchy and upbeat song by Kungs and Cookin’ On 3 Burners is perfect for a lively entrance. Get your audience in a funky and fun mood with its irresistible beat and catchy lyrics!

16. I Gotta Feeling—Black Eyed Peas

Looking for a fun throwback? I Gotta Feeling is a classic hip-hop song all about having a good time—which makes a perfect reception entrance!

17. You Are the Best Thing—Ray LaMontagne

This soulful and romantic song by Ray LaMontagne is a popular choice for wedding grand entrances. Its lyrics beautifully capture the joy of starting a life together.

18. I Want to Hold Your Hand—The Beatles

For a classic and timeless entrance song, you can’t go wrong with this hit by The Beatles. Its sweet and romantic lyrics will have everyone swooning as you make your grand entrance.

19. Closer—The Chainsmokers, Halsey

Let’s switch things up a bit with this electronic and upbeat song by The Chainsmokers and Halsey. Its catchy beat and romantic lyrics make it a fun and modern choice for your grand entrance.

20. You Make My Dreams (Come True)—Hall & Oates

For a fun and upbeat grand entrance wedding song with a retro twist, consider this hit by Hall & Oates. Its catchy chorus will create a lighthearted and happy atmosphere.

21. My Boo-Hitman’s Club Mix—Ghost Town DJs

This remix of the 90s hit by Ghost Town DJs is a playful choice for your grand entrance. With an infectious beat, it’s sure to get your guests dancing in the mood to celebrate.

22. Love On Top—Beyoncé

Another hit by Queen Bey because we just can’t get enough! This happy song is perfect for a grand entrance that will have everyone beaming with happiness.

23. Let’s Get It Started—Black Eyed Peas

If you want to get your guests up and dancing right away, this party anthem by the Black Eyed Peas is the perfect choice.

24. Shut Up and Dance—WALK THE MOON

Yes, it was overplayed for a while—but now that this hit is a few years old, it’s the perfect throwback choice for a fun entrance.

25. I Like Me Better—Lauv

We’ll end with an upbeat and romantic choice by Lauv. Its catchy chorus and sweet lyrics make it a perfect grand entrance wedding song that will let you and your partner shine.

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