Top Wedding Details You Don’t Want to Forget

By ryan | May 19, 2021 | Weddings,

Couples experiencing their wedding day draw closer often find themselves thinking about a million different things to do to prepare and remember to ensure they have the day they envision. There are a few wedding details brides and grooms should know and remember to help them achieve the best experience and make the day easier and more enjoyable for themselves and their guests.

Clothing Prep

bridesmaid robes

It’s easy to overlook the outfit you’re planning to wear leading up to the ceremony. While you don’t need to wear anything formal or fancy, plan an outfit that will make you feel good, and will be comfortable while you get your hair done and makeup applied. Pay extra attention if you plan to have the photographer or others take photos during the process.

Remember to Eat

bride eating

Forgetting to eat can put a damper on your big day; if you forget to eat a light meal before the ceremony, you risk feeling weak, lightheaded, or nauseated. Make sure you eat something light and simple before you get ready to walk down the aisle. You may also want to have small snacks handy during the preparation process if you get hungry again and don’t want to risk eating a meal before the service.

Have Your Speeches Ready 

bride and groom during speeches

It’s best for both the bride and groom to have their speeches or vows ready and handy before the service begins. Memorizing short speeches is ideal; however, for a long speech, write it down and let a trusted friend, or family member hold it until it’s needed.

Track Your Gifts

keeping track of wedding details such as the gifts

You’ll likely have to keep track of many gifts during the wedding ceremony, so if this is the case, delegate this task to someone like your wedding planner, or someone you trust. Keep a tally of who gave gifts so you can respond with a courtesy thank you note later on.

Timeline and Venue

beautiful wedding venue

Planning the big day also involves the need for an itinerary, or timeline. Preparing ahead ensures the events go the prescribed time, and you don’t end up rushing to get certain activities in.

In some cases, a portion of the event is overlooked without the appropriate planning and timeline.

Double-check to ensure the venue is ready for the event and has all the preparations in place and prepared to receive the guests. You can have your wedding planner do this or the venue itself if they offer those services.

Pack Your Luggage 

bride packing for her honeymoon

Before the big day arrives, pack your luggage for your honeymoon or an overnight bag in case you and your friends and family go out for a night on the town after the ceremony. Do a double-check the night before to make sure you have everything you need and put your luggage or bag in your vehicle the night before, so you don’t forget it.

Make Sure the Catering Services are Prepared

wedding caterer cooking Marinaj ordeurves

Even before your wedding day, you can check in with the wedding caterer to make sure they have the right info, and they’re prepped to go. Double-check food orders and make sure there’s enough food for the right number of guests and any special options. If you ordered custom features, make sure everything is ready to be served and arranged.

IDs and Honeymoon Details 

honeymoon passport and map

Keep your identification documents handy before, during, and after the service. This is especially important if you plan to leave directly after the service for your honeymoon. Have your ID, passport if needed, and any domestic or converted currency. Also, make sure you have any tickets and passes you need during the trip.

Focus on the Details

wedding details such as decorations

The wedding details of a ceremony make it personalized and provide the envisioned atmosphere. Some pre-planning and preparation ensure you miss nothing and fully enjoy the day. Enlist the help of trusted friends, family, and the wedding planner or venue to ensure everything goes smoothly and you have the day you dreamed for yourself and your spouse.