7 of the Latest Modern Trends to Include in Your 2020 Quinceañera

By ryan | February 11, 2020 | Quinceanera,

A quinceañera is a once-in-a-lifetime event, a commemoration of a girl’s journey to womanhood with all her closest family and friends. With such a special occasion on her horizon, it’s likely that your teen is hoping for the party of the year—one that combines custom and trend to ensure all her guests have an unforgettable time. 

But how do you make sure your daughter’s quinceañera is exactly what she’s hoping for?

While the tradition of a quinceañera has been around for centuries, there are several modern twists you can incorporate into your quinceañera to make it a 2020 celebration. Here are 8 of the latest modern trends that can make your daughter’s quinceañera both up-to-date and timeless:

1. Donut Wall

For guests to enjoy a sweet treat and a colorful backdrop.

Donut walls are becoming popular as they add a beautiful touch of color to your venue while also providing guests with a sweet and delicious treat that they can pluck from the walls. It functions as the perfect decor piece while also satisfying your guests’ sweet tooth.

What’s more, they are typically inexpensive to make or purchase and easy to place in any location at your venue. You can also decorate them to fit the colors or theme of your quinceañera, making it a staple piece for your celebration.

2. Photo Booth

To give your guests something memorable to take home.

A photo booth has become a trend for many modern events, from weddings to birthday parties. A photo booth is the perfect addition to a 2020 quinceañera because it gives you so many different options for themes and styles that match the vibe of your celebration.

Photo booths can have themed backdrops and come with lots of props and costumes for your guests to wear. You can even rent out an old Volkswagen van with a built-in photo booth for an extra-fun setting. The photo booth can print your guests’ pictures right on the spot, ensuring they have a souvenir to help them remember your celebration forever.

3. Italian Soda Bar

To provide your guests with delicious and unique drinks throughout the night.

As your quinceañera is only 15 years old, she’s not allowed to drink alcohol. A good replacement for the typical alcoholic bar that you find at a party is an Italian soda bar.

Italian sodas are a fun way to mix and match your favorite flavors and let your guests choose different combinations of sodas and syrups. It’s a great way to incorporate unique refreshments into your celebration that keep your guests satisfied throughout the party.

4. Sparkler Entrance or Exit

To add a touch of excitement to the party.

A sparkler entrance or exit is a great way to add some excitement and style to the party. It’s becoming increasingly common to make large decorated entrances and exits, and complementing them with a line of sparklers can make them even more memorable.

What makes this trend a great addition to a quinceañera is that everyone can participate by holding a sparkler of their own!

5. Flash-Mob Style Dance

For a fun mid-celebration surprise to entertain your guests.

A flash-mob style dance planned by the quinceañera and her friends creates an amazing opportunity for videos, photos, and entertainment. Flash-mob style dances have become a unique trend for big celebrations since they’re spontaneous, fun, attract a lot of attention and are easy to join regardless of your age or if you even know the song!

This can be a great way for the quinceañera and her friends to get excited about the celebration before it even begins, as well as provide some great entertainment for other guests. 

6. LED Balloons

For a modern decor twist that adds color and style to your party.

Want a modern decor twist to add to your party? LED balloons are all the rage. These are a fantastic option for anyone looking to add light and color to their decorations at the same time.

LED balloons are also the perfect addition to the dance floor and a great way to add in your quinceañera colors to every detail. Plus, they last between 24 and 48 hours, making sure they’ll stay well-lit throughout the whole celebration.

7. Personalized Hashtag

For guests to share photos, videos, and posts on social media.

Social media is a big part of staying connected for teens today, so it’s a great idea to create a personalized hashtag that coincides with the event for your friends to use on their posts. This makes it easy for the quinceañera to go back and see all the memories she made with her friends and family that night. 

Whatever trends you choose to add to your quinceañera, the biggest make-or-break choice you can make for a trendy celebration is your venue. Choose a venue such as our quinceañera venues at Marinaj Banquets & Events, which offer both space and style to fit all your needs when it comes to incorporating these 2020 trends.