Hottest Quinceanera Dress Styles for 2019-2020

By ryan | October 14, 2019 | Quinceanera,

Fashion and style are constantly changing, so it makes sense that quinceanera dress trends are always evolving as well. Here are some of the best trends that you might want to use to inspire your perfect quinceanera dress.

 1. Tulle Dress

For the perfect princess-style dress, you might want to find one made from tulle. Tulle is often a classic detail used in special occasion dresses, perfect for the first and only time you’ll have your Quinceanera! Just be careful as this material snags easily!

2. Organza Dress

Organza will give the dress more definition than tulle will, but it won’t feel too heavy when you are wearing it. Don’t let the weight of your dress stop you from dancing the night away!

3. Lace Dress

Lace is a very classic dress material and it will really add some sophistication to the outfit. It’s practically the perfect way to dress the part when it comes to becoming a young lady. 

4. Definition In The Waist

If you are a tall girl, then it would be worth adding a bow to give definition to the waist of the dress. Say you want something progressive and bold, you can try a two piece dress that shows off your waist too! Either way, adding a bit more detail to your waist can definitely give you more definition. 

5. Strapless Dress 

Strapless dresses are really fashionable these days, and you will notice that a lot of quinceanera and wedding dresses start to follow this trend too. This endless trend is perfect for showing off accessories that can add an extra umph to your dress.

6. Corset Waist Dress

If you are a curvy girl, then you can’t go wrong with a corset waist. It will help ensure the dress always looks good on you. Go ahead and show off that hourglass figure in style! 

7. Silk Dress

This material is very strong and resilient, so you won’t have to worry about snagging your quinceanera dress. On top of that, silk dresses soften your overall vibe all while making you look mature. 

8. Taffeta Dress

If you want a subtle two-tone dress, then taffeta is the best material to choose. The fabric itself has a sheen and gloss that quite literally adds sophistication to your overall look. 

9. Halter Neckline Dress

Halter necklines are very much in vogue right now, and can create a very appealing silhouette. It’s a great balance between showing off your figure but in a modest style. 

10. Chiffon Dress

Chiffon is a great budget style of dress.  Not to mention, chiffon is a light material which is great for the big waltz that’ll represent your transition into adulthood. 

Once you’ve picked your dress, you just need to choose your ideal venue. Take a look on our site for some great options.