8 Ways to Impress Your Wedding Guests

By ryan | June 17, 2021 | Weddings,

To make your wedding stand out above other events you’ve attended, it really comes down to the experience you create for you and your guests, so you want to make it meaningful for them, as well as for you and your spouse. 

If you appreciate your guests and their efforts to celebrate with you, showing them how grateful you are for their attendance by thinking of the little things can make a big difference. Here are 8 ways to impress your wedding guests and show them a great time! 

1. Get the Drinks Right 

wedding drinks

Drinks are an important part of a wedding. Although most guests will appreciate alcoholic drinks, even special soft drinks can be a welcome gift. Cocktails, or mocktails are both impressive drinks to get your guests in the mood. Be sure to include drinks with garnishes for the best effect or customize recipes to add a fun twist. 

2. Create a Chill-out Zone 

reception couch

A chillout zone can be the perfect place for your guests to kick back and relax. In between mingling and dancing around in dress shoes, it can be nice for guests to rest their feet and sit down on a comfortable seat. It also provides a quiet area for guests who want to have conversations with one another. A few sofas is all it takes!

3. Offer Customized Gift Bags

wedding favors

Everyone loves a gift bag. Leaving the wedding with something special to remember it by can be a lovely touch. A bag with candies, personalized trinkets, candles, or miniature drinks is a good place to start. You can base it off your wedding theme, or give your guests something different that they would still appreciate, such as flavored infused olive oil for cooking, or a succulent plant for them to take home with them.

4. Write Personalized Notes

wedding thank you cards

As a wedding guest, it’s easy to feel as if you’re just a “number.” Writing your guests a personalized note to read when they take their seats is a great way to show them how much they mean to you. And if it’s easier to send thank you cards after the reception, it’s a great way to show appreciation for their support during your special day by sending out either physical cards, or e-cards to those who attended.

5. Decorate It Right

wedding venue decorations

Decorations are more important than you think. The right decor can transform any venue into something spectacular. Create mesmerizing displays that will impress your guests. Showcase your food, including table decorations and hanging decorations and drapes. Better still, choose a reception venue that offers decorative services in a package deal.

6. Book Top Talent 

live wedding musicians

Entertainment is key to a successful wedding. Although your wedding will probably follow a schedule to include a ceremony, meal, and speeches, you’ll want to make sure there is always entertainment. 

Live music is extremely popular at weddings, and there are some excellent wedding bands out there. Look around for the right band for you, sometimes it’s worth paying a little more if you want an impressive band with several members. Choose a band that your guests will remember.

7. Light Up the Skies 

wedding sparklers

Fireworks are impressive, there’s no doubt about it. Everyone young and old appreciates a good firework display. Including one at the end of the evening can be the perfect way to mark your special day. Your guests will gather to look in awe at the skies and remember that moment forever.

8. Book a Spacious Venue

beautiful, spacious wedding venue

A spacious venue not only feels grand, but it gives people the room to do what they feel like doing, whether that’s eating at the table, chatting with other friends on the side, or partying on the dance floor. Limited space hinders guests from comfortably doing what they want, so be sure and find a venue that properly accommodates the number of guests you expect.