A Bride’s Guide to Flowers

By ryan | February 14, 2020 | Weddings,

In so many ways, your wedding day is the most important day of your life. And on this very special day, you want to look as breathtakingly gorgeous as you’ve always imagined. It goes without saying that you want to make sure every little detail is perfect, from the crucial bridal gown to your veil, shoes, jewelry, and makeup.

One of the most memorable accessories, however, is going to be your bridal bouquet. Your wedding flowers are a key element in your ensemble that can make or break your wedding style, theme, and colors. Getting the perfect bouquet means tying together the whole aesthetic or your wedding.

Of course, there are several things to consider when it comes to picking blooms for your bridal bouquet, including what season your wedding will be in, your wedding colors, and what you and your bridal party will be wearing on your big day.

Here’s how you can keep these things in mind and make sure all your floral dreams come true on your wedding day:

Work with Seasonal Trends

Being aware of the seasons will not only help you know which flowers and greenery are available for your wedding, but it can also ensure that your flowers tie seamlessly into the natural scenery that will likely be around during a given time of year. For example, using winter greenery and darker color blooms for your summer wedding may not be the best choice as it likely won’t match seasonal nature.

Here are some of the options for greenery and flowers that perfectly fit each wedding season:


For winter weddings, some common flowers include champagne roses, burgundy orchids, and anemones. Rich red or blue colors paired with greens and whites are the perfect combination for a wintry wedding. The greenery you choose might range from Dusty Miller to ivy or cedar, all of which evoke winter themes and combine effortlessly with typical winter blooms.


Freshness and vibrancy are tropes of springtime, and if you’re having a spring wedding, you’re in luck. This time of year offers many fresh blooms to choose from, meaning you’ll have several choices that make your spring wedding come to life. 

Garden roses, peonies, dahlias, and poppies are all great choices which can work well in a variety of different color schemes. Daffodils, sweet peas, hyacinths, and baby’s breath can also work beautifully in a spring bouquet. Complement these with seasonal greenery such as lamb’s ear, myrtle, and poms. 


The summer months are also wonderful time to get your pick of seasonal flowers that match your wedding vibes. Some common flowers include daisies, hydrangeas, and lavender as well as favorites like calla lilies and asters. Don’t forget plenty of greenery to evoke that summer charm—beautiful greenery options include eucalyptus and azalea.


There’s something uniquely beautiful about a fall wedding, and your choice in blooms should reflect that particular brand of autumn wonder. Chrysanthemums, pansies, or heather can all help bring out the best in a fall wedding as well as complement a variety of color schemes. Good greenery options for this time of year include Italian Ruscus and ferns. 

Integrate—Don’t Overstate—Your Wedding Colors

It’s important to create a unified aesthetic for your big day, and that includes making sure your wedding colors are included in your wedding bouquet. Your bouquet, as well as any ribbons or other accessories on them, should tie in nicely to your wedding dress color, your bridesmaid dresses, and the groomsmens’ attire. 

Still, there’s a fine line between creating aesthetic harmony and overdoing it, especially if you’ve chosen bright or vibrant colors. Too much of these can be visually loud and distracting, potentially even drawing your guests’ attention away from the bride and groom. Use bold colors sparingly and try using plenty of greenery to ground your look and create contrast, no matter what your colors. 

One thing brides may tend to overlook is how well your wedding flowers will tie into your decor for the ceremony and reception venues as well. Some venues are overstated in themselves, meaning that no matter what your flower choices, they will likely clash with the venue decor. It’s smart to think ahead of time and choose a reception venue such as one at Marinaj Banquets & Events that offers a stunning, yet malleable backdrop that can seamlessly complement any of your floral choices. 

Choose the Right Florist

Once you’ve got a rough idea of how you want to incorporate colors and seasonal blooms into your wedding bouquet, the most important next step to take is to choose the right flowers. Take the time to get to know florists in your area and see what they have to offer, so you can base your choice on which florist best complements your vision and wedding style.

Make sure to ask to look at their portfolios to see photos of wedding flowers they’ve arranged previously. Stop by their store to take a look at their different arrangement ideas. Be clear on your expectations and ensure that you aren’t leaving any details up to the florist’s discretion unless you absolutely trust their aesthetic opinions.

The sooner you start planning, the more likely you are to have the luxury of choice based on which florist best fits your style rather than which florist is available.