How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

By ryan | October 12, 2020 | Weddings,

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life, and once you say “yes” to getting married, you have a lot of important decisions to make —especially when it comes to your wedding dress. 

Do your research before trying on dresses to help narrow down your options: what fabric would fit your style, as well as what dress cut and design will flatter your body the most. It’s not everyday we look for (or wear) a wedding dress, so here are a few tips for figuring out what shape will work best for you, and how to decide.

Discover Your Bridal Style

Woman browsing wedding dresses online

It’s always a good idea to look at wedding dresses online before your appointment to try them on. Head to Pinterest, where you can peruse the many available styles and see what you might like and dislike. 

Dresses vary in necklines, silhouettes, sleeves, bodice and fabric styles, so start off with a general assessment of dresses that you like to help pinpoint a pattern of features you want in your dress vs. those you want to avoid. Certain styles are most often accompanied by certain types of fabrics, so consider your own body shape such as pear, apple, hourglass, etc. to find a style that best compliments your figure, before deciding on the type of fabric you want.

Once you have a general idea of what you’re going for, don’t forget to consider how comfortable it would be to wear all day. Nothing will influence your decision like trying on the dress itself, but it’s helpful to get an idea of what you’re going for to define what questions to ask when you get to the boutique.

Price It Out

Saving money for your wedding dress

Since prices vary depending on the fabric and style, it’s important to have a budget in mind before you set out to try on dresses. The price of your dress can quickly rack up, particularly when you add in alterations, a veil, shoes, and the other elements that complete your bridal outfit. Have a budget range in mind, and know that you can still find something you like without emptying your wallet.

Consider the Location

Location also influences the style of your dress. Consider your wedding venue and time of year, so if you are having an outdoor wedding, you might need to carry your train across grass, or if it might get a little chilly, you will likely want long sleeves, a warm bridal jacket, or shawl, just in case.

For a summer wedding, you will want something lighter and more comfortable, whether that’s a shorter wedding gown, or a lighter fabric and design. But don’t forget to envision it in your venue as well so it goes along with the overall theme.

Schedule Your Appointment Early

planner for scheduling your wedding dress shopping appointment early

When it comes to scheduling your appointment, don’t book it on a day you will have been busy running around on errands. If your appointment is too late in the day, you might be tired, hungry, or feel irritated by earlier events that may cloud your mood and judgment. 

While wedding dress shopping is exciting, it can also be tiring, and you want to be fresh and ready to try on a number of different dresses. The lack of time can also make you feel rushed and pressured to decide on something before you are ready.

Bring Accessories and Shoes 

Your wedding gown is likely to be beautiful on its own, so how you accessorize can either enhance or clutter the overall appearance. If you know you want to wear a specific bracelet, necklace, or veil that has been passed down by your family, be sure to bring it with you to try on with the dress. Especially if you have a pair of shoes already picked out, bring those so you’ll know what length the dress needs to be.

Try Them On

You might love the gown on its own, but it’s helpful to get a second opinion on how it fits on your body, and whether it works with your personality. Whether it’s a family member or a best friend, it’s helpful to bring someone with you to give feedback and help you make the final decision.

Beware of bringing too many people since they may have differing opinions that make it difficult and frustrating to decide on a dress. Opt for up to three people whose opinions you trust to accompany you.

Your wedding dress is one of the important aspects of your big day, yet the wedding is truly brought together when it is combined with the right venue and decorations. The small details brought together make for a memorable wedding and reception.