How Best to Get the Word Out That You’re Postponing Your Wedding

By ryan | April 16, 2020 | Weddings,

postponing wedding date

There is no denying that planning a wedding can be an uncertain task given the current circumstances. With social gatherings being put on hold for the time being, many couples are needing to postpone their weddings. 

While this isn’t an easy decision to make, there is still much to look forward to as you await your big day. You’ll want to make sure in the meantime, though, that you keep your guests informed and get the word out regarding your new wedding date.

 Here are some suggestions to consider as you postpone your wedding and apprise your guests and vendors of changes to your special day: 

Stay Informed as Regulations Develop

One of the best things you can do is be aware of the current news and guidelines and to stay informed of any changes in those guidelines. Understanding these recommendations and limitations on travel, gatherings, and more can help you best make a decision regarding how and when to postpone your wedding.

It’s important to get a relative idea of the timeframe you have for making changes and also when is a safe time to postpone your wedding to. While there is no set timeline for how long social distancing will need to take place, most couples with weddings scheduled between April and May have already postponed. 

Keeping informed with the latest headlines and figures will enable you to feel confident in postponing your wedding and choosing a date for the future. The last thing you want to do is to be too optimistic and book a date that may have to be rescheduled once more. 

Reach Out to Vendors and Wedding Planners 

Another item that should be high on your priority list is to keep in touch with vendors that you have booked, your wedding planner, and also your wedding venue. Having regular communication with those who are planning your wedding will enable you to make a decisive decision and also keep everyone in the loop of what your plans may be for the future and the date that you decide to postpone your wedding to. 

While some vendors may have postponement fees for weddings rescheduled beyond 2020, most vendors are being extremely accommodating and understanding given the current circumstances. Many event venues are still allowing you to even do virtual tours and book your wedding further in advance if you haven’t yet.

Use Digital Platforms to Communicate with Your Guests

Once you are sure about what date you want to change your wedding to, it is important to communicate with your guests as best you can. 

An easy way to do this would be to take advantage of digital platforms. You could use a wedding website on a platform such as The Knot to keep people up-to-date through blog posts and event notes. If you’ve created a Facebook event for your big day, make sure to keep group members and invited guests aware of changes there, as well. Communication is key to make sure guests can plan accordingly.

Confident in Your Change of Date? Make It Official

While this step may be able to wait until we have further information regarding social distancing regulations, it’s a great idea to make your new wedding date official once you are confident it will work out. 

Distribute new invites with the revised date and any additional information you’d like guests to know. For example, if you were planning on a summer outdoor wedding and now plan to do an indoor wedding at wintertime, you may choose to notify your guests of this change. 

If you are hoping to avoid any extra expenses, a digital invite through an ecard or even using social media groups can be a great alternative. You can even use a digital copy of the same invitation design you initially used with the revised wedding date—just make sure that information is clear to guests. 

For brides and grooms postponing their weddings, it can seem like you have to make compromises on your wedding vision. But don’t stress! Your guests know that this is an uncertain time for everyone, and postponing your wedding to make sure you get the details right is completely understandable. Just make sure you get the word out so they can come celebrate you newlyweds when the time is right!