How to Keep a Wedding Small

By ryan | September 28, 2020 | Weddings,

While wedding plans haven’t gone as expected this year, they can still be memorable. Many have been engaged and planned the wedding for some time, and while they may not have the number of guests they were hoping for, there are ways of cutting back and still allowing others to participate. Before you send out wedding invites for the big day, it’s important to know your options so you can invite those who need to be there, and avoid offending those who won’t end up getting the invite.

Talk with Your Fiancé

Couple looking at laptop talking about who to invite to the wedding reception

It’s good to discuss with your fiancé who you both want at the wedding, so you each have the most important friends and family in your life in attendance. Depending on your relationship with your parents, you can also get their input, but it’s something that is ultimately you and your spouse’s decision. 

Decide on Who You Need There

There are some people in your wedding party that the reception just wouldn’t be the same without. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or colleague, decide who would make the reception special to you and be sure to invite them.

The individuals you would be heartbroken not to see at your wedding are those you definitely want to send an invite to. If any of them live abroad, or especially elderly, consider talking to them to see what they are comfortable with, and if it would be easier for them to participate where they are rather than take the long trip over, and risk their health.

Create a Backup List for Those Who Can’t Attend

A backup list is worth putting together when it comes to those individuals who you really want to be there, but for varying reasons, cannot come. At least then you can quickly go through your backup list for other guests to take the open spots.

Their reasons could be that they have a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and wouldn’t want to put themselves, or loved ones at risk. Having a backup list makes it quick and easy to get in touch with the relevant guests to see if they can make it.

Be Honest with Those Who Don’t Get the Invite

Woman calling friends and family that she can't invite them to the wedding in order to keep a small wedding.

It’s never a pleasant thing to explain to friends or family that you won’t be able to have everyone at your wedding. You know your guests best, but one of the best approaches is just to be honest about your desire for them to be there, but that you just don’t have enough room. Give a call or a heartfelt email about how much you would like to include them, and communicate how much they mean to you and you appreciate their support, even from a distance.

Offer a Streaming Experience

Live streamed wedding for having a small wedding reception

You can also set up a live-stream system and invite others to participate over a live-streamed wedding ceremony where they can at least witness the event from their own home. Work with a videographer if you have one already booked, or someone experienced to help you stream it over Facebook, Zoom, or another video platform where others can join in. This allows you to include those who couldn’t physically attend to enjoy the festivities.

The pressures of planning a wedding can be hard enough, but it’s important to remember that you’re celebrating you and your fiancé’s special day, so ultimately you make the decisions together. If you need help finishing your plans, whether that’s for your venue or rentals, Marinaj Events and Banquets can provide all of your catering and rental service needs for outdoor weddings. They also have amazing venue options for those who need to rearrange their venue and want to hold it indoors.