Tips for Matching Your Wedding Hairstyle and Makeup

By ryan | January 18, 2021 | Weddings,

Among the exciting details for your wedding plans, is the decision of how to style your hair and makeup. This is one of the most special days of your life which you will reminisce about often, so you want to look your best!

You want to have a good photographer for sure, but even with the best photographer, one of the main elements of having good pictures is deciding on your wedding hair and makeup. After all, you are going to be the belle of the ball so definitely do your research to look your best on this special day! Here are some top tips for matching your wedding hairstyle and makeup.

Decide on Your Venue

wedding venue

Your wedding venue is the first thing you are going to want to decide on for your wedding, so it’s important to get this organized as soon as possible. It is what you will base the majority of your wedding around, as it sets the style for your wedding, whether you want to go with a rustic, modern, or classic theme. Once you’ve decided, you will know what sort of wedding makeup, and hair will best compliment the theme as a whole.

Match Your Dress

wedding makeup and hair to match dress

Once you’ve decided on your venue, you want to imagine what hairstyle would go best with your dress. In order to complete your bridal look, you’ll want to partner a Boho wedding dress with loose, wavy hair, adorned with a wreath, simple braids, or just your hair down.

A classic, sleek dress is often accompanied by hair pulled back into a bun, with optional bold, but classy diamonds or pearls to accent it. 

Indian bridal makeup

Cultural attire (which is often accompanied by traditional accessories) will demonstrate whether to put your hair in a braid with the accessories, or to leave it down with some hair pull back in order to clip the accessories in your hair.

Keep in mind that whether or not you use a veil will also influence your choice of hair up, down, and what accessories you might want to put in or leave out.

Consider Your Hair Color and Skin Tone

wedding makeup

When it comes to deciding the color theme for your wedding and your makeup, you want to take a look at your hair color, face shape, and skin tone

Hair Color: For blondes, it is a good idea to keep your eyes light and shimmery with calming, neutral colors, and peach tones to your cheeks. If you have brunette hair, try deep browns and stick to the rule of bold eye and neutral lip. Redheads are best when their makeup is copper or brown, but shades such as deep purples or gray work too. You won’t need to go too heavy on the blusher as redheads tend to have warmer complexions.

Skin Tone: If you have a fair skin tone, try a rosy pink on your cheeks and if you have a medium or dark skin tone, then berry, or bronze tones will suit you best. If your hair is black, then it is worth using jewel, or purple eyeshadow tones to really highlight your hair color. If you have a darker complexion, you will want to use deeper tones on your cheeks, such as magenta or deep rose—and don’t forget to use highlighter! 

Consider the Time of Year 

wedding hair to match time of year

The time of year can really play a part in your wedding hair and makeup. If you are opting for a summer or spring wedding, you will want to choose lighter colors for your makeup such as pastels, light pinks, and creams. In the winter you can opt for something darker, or bolder. 

For your hairstyle, in the summer you can entwine delicate flowers to create a halo in your hair, and you might consider an updo if the weather is warm to keep your hair out of the way, and your neck cool. In the winter you can add a shimmery hair accessory, or try some intricate braids which you can clip diamonds to.

Don’t Forget Personal Preferences

personal preferences on wedding hair and makeup

When it comes down to it, take your personal preferences into account. Think about what you have always envisaged your hair and makeup to be on your wedding day, and talk with your hair and makeup artist about what you’re going for. They can show you how to make it look tailored to your own skin tone or hair color to ensure you look the way you want. Ensure you have a trial run before the big day too, so you can have the confidence that you will look your best on the day of.

By implementing the above details, you will have a hair and makeup look that is personalized and timeless to make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and radiant on your wedding day. After all, you want to look and feel the best version of yourself on your wedding day!