Wedding Planning: 9 Tips to Beat Stress

By ryan | November 16, 2020 | Weddings,

Many brides will tell you that wedding planning is a very stressful affair, and that if you’re not careful, it could leave you exhausted by the big day. Fortunately, many have successfully pulled off the planning before, and you can borrow some tips for reducing stress when planning a wedding to pull it off with ease and style.

Take as Many Breaks as Necessary

woman relaxing by a window with a cup of hot cocoa

All the minute details of wedding planning can take a toll on you, and you will begin to obsess over the little details if you think about them every waking moment. Rest, and set a limit to your wedding planning goals to specific days of the week only. Avoid talking, discussing, or thinking about the wedding on the other days or times.

Talk It Out with a Confidant

woman talking with a confidant about wedding stress

The worst you can do when stressed out about something is to bottle it up and lock up the anxiety. Trusted friends and family members can be your greatest support system as you plan your wedding.

Talking to someone who understands your stress and pressure is a relief to know that someone gets how you feel. Remember that they’re there to support you, and they want the best for you on your big day. Give them a chance by starting the conversation.

Keep communicating with your fiancé. The person you’re about to marry should know what’s stressing you. They’ll help you keep things in perspective, reassure you, and calm your nerves.

Learn Something New

woman learning something new to mitigate wedding planning stress

If thoughts and concerns about wedding planning won’t leave you alone, trying your hands at a new skill is an excellent way to distract yourself from the stress of wedding planning. You could take a piano, calligraphy, or pastry class, and let the excitement of learning keep you motivated.

Organize Your Tasks

organizing to help beat wedding planning stress

Sometimes, stress is induced by disorganization. Your mind knows that you have a little million things to do, but it’s hard to focus on one if you’re trying not to forget the others. Start with simply listing everything you are thinking about, then organize them in categories, and time sensitivity.

Once your ideas are down, use that list and mark off the items as they get done. Look at the list and see what you can delegate to the wedding party. If you find it stressful to stay organized, there are even online tools available to help you plan and manage the budget.

If it all seems too hard for you and your team to get it done, consider hiring a wedding planner. An experienced one knows how to put everything in order within a manageable timeframe. They’ll help you get the best wedding venue, contact the right vendors, and ensure you’re making timely progress.

Choose the Right Team 

The team you delegate to help with planning events and booking venues can make or break your efforts. Ensure you choose people who have your best interests at heart, and who can be accountable to the tasks delegated to them; that way you can relax knowing that everything is catered for without worrying if they’ll do what they were asked.


woman exercising to help lower stress

Exercise helps your body work off the stress you’ve pent up. Identify something you love doing and make it your exercise regime. It could be swimming, biking, running, dancing, etc. It can help to have an exercise buddy to keep you company, or at least keep you accountable.

If you’re looking for more cardio than a Youtube yoga workout, you could also sign up for gym membership. Commitment to a morning or evening workout schedule leaves you with little to no time to stress about the wedding, and you will feel better not only emotionally, but physically as well.

Get Out of Town for a Few Days

woman traveling to get a change of scenery while planning a wedding

Sometimes, the best way to deal with a stressful situation is to get a change of scenery. Taking a few days out of town isn’t being selfish; neither will it hinder the wedding preparation from going on. Plan a weekend away with your fiancé or best friends to a relaxing destination, and observe the difference it makes. You’ll come back rejuvenated and ready to face your wedding plans.

Learn To Say No

"be stronger than your excuse" quote

Despite everything you do, you can’t please everyone. This is a hard lesson, but one of the most valuable you’ll ever learn. Avoid overcommitting yourself to things you can’t achieve as this will only stress you further.

You fully understand that saying no may upset a few people, but it can protect you from overspending your money, time, and efforts. Not every “no” needs to be a hard-fast decision; you may be able to say “no” for the time being until you have more information when you can reevaluate your options and potentially change it to a “yes,” otherwise you can let them know that your answer hasn’t changed.

Plan with Confidence

women preparing for a wedding having planned without stress

Planning a wedding can be emotionally, financially, and physically draining. If you don’t want to get stressed to the core, don’t do it all by yourself! Allow people to help you with the planning, give yourself a break, and keep up with other aspects of your life. It is possible to plan in such a way that you can confidently prepare for, and enjoy your big day!