Wedding Trends That Have Changed Since the Pandemic

By ryan | April 20, 2021 | Weddings,

Weddings revolve around gathering people, celebrating, and enjoying great food together. COVID-19 quickly changed that, forcing couples to think of how to plan safe events that maximize their reception venue of choice. Here are four major ways the pandemic has changed the way we celebrate weddings. 

Celebrate Safely

You don’t have to forgo your receiving line along with talking to your friends and loved ones who want to congratulate you, but encourage them to wear masks, and to avoid hugging or shaking hands at all times. Encourage people to stand with sufficient distance between families within the line so you can keep everyone safe while visiting with the people there to celebrate with you.

You can plan other activities like questionnaires about the couple on the tables as an option for guests to fill out, or a live band can keep guests entertained. You might even take the chance to bring in a stand-up comedian, a magician, or something unique the two of you love to tie the night together. 

Face Coverings as Fashion Statements

It’s highly unlikely you ever pictured wearing a mask or other face-covering accessory as part of your dream wedding outfit. Yet, COVID-19 has made these required attire every day—regardless of the event. 

Rather than see this as a drawback, take it as an opportunity to make a fashion statement! You can purchase some stunning masks made of silk, satin, or organza to match your gown. You might make your own mask out of a piece of material with sentimental value: maybe a piece of cloth from mom’s wedding dress or one of dad’s old ties. 

Think about the options for more than just you as a couple, as your full bridal party will have to wear masks, and you will probably also want to purchase some disposable masks to offer guests (sometimes people forget, and it’s not something they’d normally put on with their formalwear).

Take It Outside

Having the option to incorporate an outdoor wedding with an indoor reception allows for fresh air, as well as shelter from any unpredictable weather for your wedding day. This provides guests with the option to mingle outdoors as they like, while they can access the cocktails, and seating available indoors.

One of the most important things couples have realized during the COVID-19 pandemic is that planning a wedding that’s memorable, intimate, and safe for their family and friends is a laborious task. It’s more important than ever to hire professional vendors, and a venue that can help you have your dream wedding without worrying about the details. Book your venue far enough in advance to get the venue size you need for your chosen wedding date.

Skip the Buffet Table 

While buffets are no longer considered safe since the pandemic, massive charcuterie spreads and long banquet tables were the trend as the pandemic started. Communal eating was seemingly one of the first things to go, but you can get creative with pre-portioned options that are packaged individually for the guest to take, or have servers give them their plates. 

Another option is to provide a seated, plated dinner, though you’ll also want to leave enough room between chairs so guests can feel safe removing their masks at the table. Strategically place hand sanitizer dispensing stations near the entrances and tables so guests can sanitize their hands before eating.

In spite of any adjustments you need to make to accommodate safety measures, your wedding can still be memorable, and as exciting as you want it to be!