Why It’s Still Okay to Have a Bachelorette Party After Your Wedding

By ryan | May 8, 2020 | Weddings,

bachelorette party

After months of careful preparation, it can be frustrating to not have your wedding plans go as you envisioned. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing couples to postpone their wedding receptions, many brides may feel a bachelorette party just isn’t in the cards.

But don’t give up hope yet—just because the pandemic has disrupted your wedding plans doesn’t mean you have to cancel them all completely! Wedding planners and couples alike are agreeing that, given the circumstances, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having your bachelorette party after your wedding. 

So if you’re feeling down about canceling your bachelorette party, don’t worry. Here are 5 reasons it’s still totally okay to have a bachelorette party after you’ve already been married:

1. People understand that circumstances change.

There are few if any who haven’t been affected by the spread of COVID-19 in one way or another. While it may feel like your big day and all your wedding plans are being disrupted, remember that you’re not the only one. People understand that couples have to change their wedding plans, including their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Plus, the people closest to you—those you’d want at your bachelorette party—are sure to be the most understanding of all.

When you do have your bachelorette party, they’ll want to celebrate with you all the same. Even though your friends and family may know that you aren’t technically a bachelorette any longer, they will still want to throw you an amazing party and allow you to say a final farewell to single life in style! 

2. If receptions can be postponed, so can bachelorette parties!

Given the circumstances, many couples are opting to wed in smaller ceremonies now and postpone their larger reception for when it’s safe. This allows them to still commit to their partner and start married life as planned, and still have a celebration when the time is right.

With receptions being postponed, why can’t bachelorette parties be, too? Instead of missing out on a party, you could have the bachelorette party between the date of your ceremony and the reception, still signifying your one big hoorah with your favorite girls before you’ve officially ended wedding celebrations.

3. Some event venues are still booking for parties.

When it comes to planning your wedding reception and bachelorette party, you’re likely hoping for a fabulous venue that can provide the perfect backdrop for your celebrations. Luckily, event venues such as Marinaj Banquets & Events are still taking bookings, even during these difficult times. This means you can still book your bachelorette party ahead of time without the stress of having to find a venue last minute. 

You can even do virtual tours right now to see which venue you like best and have your date booked in advance, meaning you can beat the post-pandemic rush that is sure to occur.

4. It’s your wedding celebration—keep the traditions you want!

Right now the world is under a lot of strain, and we have all had to learn how to live our lives in a safer way with social distancing in mind. But you can still have the wedding of your dreams.

At the end of the day, your wedding celebrations are once-in-a-lifetime events that you should get every opportunity to enjoy, even if that means readjusting a little. If you want to have a bachelorette party after the wedding ceremony, do it! While you will have to work around social distancing guidelines for safety, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your party altogether.

5. You can plan for a fun adventure in the future.

Another big plus for having your bachelorette party after your wedding is that you have a little extra time right now to make sure you plan the ultimate celebration! As travel bans hopefully get lifted, you can plan an exciting adventure with your favorite friends that exceeds all expectations.

Why settle for an at-home or virtual bachelorette party now when you can travel to an exotic place to celebrate later? It’ll be worth the wait! 

In the end, a bachelorette party isn’t just a fun get-together—it’s tradition! And even though bachelorette parties generally symbolize your one last night as a single person, it’s also a special celebration with your closest gal pals to commemorate such a huge moment in the bride’s life. You shouldn’t have to miss out on that!

So get ahead, book your venue, and make sure you get the bachelorette party you’ve always dreamed of!