Entertaining Wedding Reception Ideas

By ryan | June 14, 2021 | Weddings,

Everyone’s finding new and exciting ways to entertain their wedding guests to accommodate either large or small wedding crowds, to have a memorable wedding. Whether it’s hiring a band, or basing your wedding theme on your favorite movie, there are many different activities to fit in with your wedding reception. So here are a few ideas for inspiration!

Poetry Writer

It doesn’t have to be a long sonnet to be memorable; a little something to poetically capture the person and the events going on will leave pleasant memories of the wedding reception and humor your guests as well.

Live Painter

You decide whether you’d like the painter to capture a scene from the wedding that others can observe as progress is made throughout the evening, or have smaller canvases the painter can create for individuals wanting a quick portrait to be created of them. Either way, it’s a novel way of entertaining guests, and creating lasting memories.

World Dancers

This is where you can express your cultural background, or love of traveling, at your reception. Whether it’s a Mexican dance, an Indian Bollywood dance, or dances from a country you’ve visited, you can find dancers to perform at your wedding with new music and beautiful costumes.

Mariachi Band

If you’re a fan of fun Mexican music, invite a mariachi band to liven up your reception! With their traditional attire, and beautiful, lively music, this can set your wedding apart and add to the energy of your celebration!

Tea Bar

Whether you serve hot tea in the winter, or cold tea for a summer reception, you can’t go wrong with these colorful, and classic drinks. With a variety of flavors to choose from, your guests are sure to be happy with this option.


It’s always fun seeing someone’s interpretation of a cartoon character for you, and it’s something guests can take home with them after the wedding reception for memories, laughs, and to share with others. 

Late-Night Snacks

A variety of late-night snacks will keep your guests going throughout the night! Offer everyone’s favorites such as a boba milk tea bar, cookies and milk, a pan dulce and hot chocolate station, french fry station, or a fresh churro station with chocolate, caramel, or strawberry sauces. You can’t go wrong with any of these!

Photo Booth

This is a classic activity that helps your or your guests to remember the event! Whether you use polaroid cameras for guests to take, write a note, and tape into a book, or a photo booth where guests can take their fun pictures home with them.

Sparkler Send-Off

This depends on your area and the regulations on fireworks, but if permitted, sending off the couple with sparklers is a fun and bright way to see them off at the end of the day! Other ideas include throwing lavender, rice, blowing bubbles, or using party poppers as they make their way to the car in celebration.

Be sure that whatever activity you decide on, that you have a large, beautiful wedding venue to help accommodate for the activity ideas you have in mind.